Everyone has a place and a purpose on MISSION!

Since 1980, Partners in Christ has been leading mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The work performed through these mission trips is essential to the spiritual, physical, and intellectual growth of the communities we serve. Mission teams that participate provide more than professional services. Certainly, doctors, educators, and other professional and vocational experts go on missions. But laypeople go as well and support work in construction on campus and in the village, English lessons and classroom work, assist in non-clinical care and minister to residents of the community through food distribution and sharing of the gospel. Mission teams often bring their own expertise to the community, delivering worship music, music lessons, crafts and art lessons, and more.

These mission trips are crucial to God’s work in this ministry. Those who participate represent the hands and feet and heart of Christ; they forge life-long relationships and memories; they make a kingdom impact.

If you have ever considered being a disciple for Christ overseas, or have felt God’s calling to move out and bring his good word to others, we invite you to consider hosting or joining on a mission through Partners in Christ and experiencing God's love and grace, in a time of need and in an area of the needy.


Who participates… individuals, families, church groups, university groups, senior groups, etc.


What you do… love on people in Jesus’ name; teach English; assist teachers; construct and refurbish buildings/classrooms/desks/houses; provide medical care and medical support to individuals; support the village residents; go to local worship services; experience the local culture; share the Gospel; and more.


What you experience… God’s love and authentic nature of Christianity; being led by others whose faith may be more real than our own; the realization that we all serve the same God with the same ultimate goals; hot days and nights; unique geography and foods; a different culture and a deeper sense of community; hard and satisfying work; love for new people; a sense of USA’s extreme wealth; amazing times of worship in another language.


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