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Alexander Upia Alfonseca - Sponsor Now

Alexander Upia Alfonseca

Place Fountain of Life School

Age 16

Gender Male

Grade 11th

Alexander Upia Alfonseca, lives in the proyecto he was born in the proyecto in 2005/09/01, he is 16 years old, his health is pretty good at the moment, he helps his mom when his mom has to do something in the house, it can be cleaning, cooking or stuff like that, he likes to play basketball and baseball, he is native spanish speaker, his father name is Roberto Upia de la Cruz, lives in spain and he is manager of a restaurant, his mother name is Wendy Alfonseca Ortiz and she is a chef, Alexander lives with his mom and he has 8 siblings 2 boys and 6 girls, he is in 10th grade spanish language is his favorite materia, he wants to be a chef in the future..